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Hollowcore Plank

Precast Hollowcore Planks

API currently produces prestressed plank in 8", 10", and 12" depths.  We can help you to decide which size is best suited for your application.  The extremely short lead time on our plank delivery is one of the advantages we offer that keep our customers coming back.  While placing an order as far in advance as possible is nice, we do EVERYTHING WE CAN to help out someone that is in a pinch and needs expedited delivery.  Hollowcore plank are an extremely versatile product.  Whether you're a builder looking for an entire first floor for an apartment complex or a farmer looking for pieces to make a bridge over your creek, we can help you out.

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated precast concrete wall panels

Insulated wall panels are what we started our business on.  With the trend toward making buildings as energy efficient as possible, precast concrete wall panels are hard to beat.  We typically run insulation board (any type and thickness desired) edge-to-edge in the wall panels, leaving zero cold spots in the wall.  We use a composite non-conducting connector to join the interior and exterior layers of concrete.  And if being ultra-energy efficient wasn't enough, the construction of the wall panels leaves zero voids within the panel.  This means there is no vacancy for insects or rodents that are looking for a home.


We can produce walls for both commercial and residential applications with many exterior finishes:


-Acid washed

-Water washed exposed aggregate

-Any cast-in pattern or signage


Custom Decks

Custom Concrete Decks

If you are building your dream home, why not add your dream deck to match.  The design possibilities are limitless!  We can create a prestressed concrete deck that sits atop  (or any other supports), and instead of seeing floor joists and joints from the bottom side, you will see a beautiful, finished product.  We can cast the deck on any type of form liner to give a desired texture to the bottom side.  Pick any color from our color charts to give your deck a permanent (not painted) color that will probably last longer that the rest of your house!  The top side of the deck can be finished in a different color than the bottom if desired and stamped with any of the currently available patterns on the market.  Want heat lines cast into the deck to keep your feet warm in the fall?  Why not!?  Need electrical conduit cast in?  No problem!  While a precast deck will surely cost more than a traditional wood deck, once you see one you will understand why it's worth the investment.  You won't regret it!

Double Tees

Double T precast concrete beams

If your looking to span a long distance, then double T precast concrete beams may be the way to go.  We can produce tees up to 36" in depth, allowing you to span up to 90 feet for a typical roof loading.


Precast Concrete Beams

We can make a variety of prestressed beam profiles to hold up your hollowcore plank or double tees.  Whatever it takes...we'll make it!


Precast Concrete Columns

What can we say about columns...they hold up the beams.  Not too exciting, but they are necessary.  And that's why we make them.  So we can be your sole supplier for structural precast products.

Custom Items

Custom Precast Concrete Item

If you can draw it...we can make it.  If you can't draw it, we'll help you out and draw it for you.  We can produce a custom concrete sign to draw customer to your business.  Need a couple slatted lids over your manure pit?  We can do that.  If you don't think there is a product out there to do what you need, just give us a call to discuss having a custom-made product to do exactly what you need it to.

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